Lynn Hoffman brings his background of engineering, construction and design to Rustic Garden Structures. Lynn's been with the company for nearly 13 years, and since becoming a Managing Partner, he is responsible for most of the day to day operations in the Rustic world, including a good portion of sales, design and installation, as well as managing Rustic Garden Structures' wholesale client accounts and rustic structure rentals for special events.  He also runs the office and workshop in Pittsboro NC, and can be reached at or by calling (919) 917-0354

Luke Barrow started Rustic Garden Structures in 1998 after his hobby of building outdoor furniture from found objects started to take off as a side business. Nearly 20 years later the inspiration continues as Luke works with clients around the country on custom designed and installed structures. Almost all of the larger, site built structures start with Luke and he can be reached at

Casper Barrow Smith lives in Asheville, NC and has been working with Rustic Garden Structures for over 3 years. He travels with the team to nearly every Rustic installation in the U.S.