Lynn Hoffman

After 14 years of lending his background of engineering, construction and design talents to Rustic Garden Structures, Lynn has become the new face and owner of Rustic Garden Structures. After several years of being responsible for the day to day operations of RGS, as well as most of the design and installation, Lynn’s passion for creating beautiful artisan crafted rustic structures and furniture, is evident and represented in all of RGS’s work. Lynn can be reached at or by calling (919)917-0354

Luke Barrow

Originally founded Rustic Garden Structures in 1998 after his hobby of building outdoor furniture from found objects began to gain attention. The inspiration continued for nearly 14 years as Luke continued to work with clients around the country on custom designed and installed structures. During the winter of 2013-2014, Luke’s passion for nature inspired him to take a giant step from creating small, nature inspired, backyard paradises with rustic structues, to creating a “senses enveloping” jungle paradise. He and his family relocated to Costa Rica and founded Edge of the World Costa Rica. ( When Luke isn’t busy hosting visitors at EOW Costa Rica, he still travels the States with RGS for the larger onsite installations.



Casper Barrow Smith

Lives in Asheville NC and has been working with RGS for over 3 years. Casper travels with RGS to nearly every Rustic installation in the US.