For over 20 years we’ve been designing and building rustic garden structures, for residential, public, and commercial installations.

Working with beautiful Eastern Red Cedar and durable Black Locust because of their naturally occurring characteristics which offer a heightened degree of resistance to both rot and insects, we specialize in gazebos, pergolas, fencing, railings, arbors, bridges, benches, and chairs, that offer more longevity over similar products made from other woods.  We only use responsible harvesting techniques, such as cutting from areas that are slated to be cleared for development, and also by working closely with land owners and forestry professionals, assisting with selective thinning. We’re an Earth-friendly company, practicing sustainability and “Minimum Earth Impact” techniques.

RGS is located in Central North Carolina, and our site-installed structures can be found nation-wide. Let our photos help inspire your upcoming project!  Please use the “Contact Us ” form , or call us directly at (919)917-0354 for more information.

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Thank you for your interest in Rustic Garden Structures,
Lynn Hoffman

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