#1P. This octagonal Pergola is breath taking, complete with built in bench. Click on image for larger view and measurements.
#2P. This Pergola has benches built on both sides, and a potting table built into the back. Measures 12' wide X 10' deep X 12' tall
#3P. A smaller, Asian style Pergola with built in, dog proof gate. Measures 6' wide X 6' deep X 9' tall
#4P. The outdoor garden at Marbles Children's Museum.
#5P. Hidden among the pines, this 6' X 8' Asian Pergola with built in bench will soon be covered in ivy. Click on image for larger view.
#6P. A large Pergola with wings. This structure was placed beside very old grapevines, which by now have probably enveloped the entire Pergola. Click on image for larger view and measurements.
#7P. A large Pergola with seating at a mountain retreat in Connecticut. Click on image for larger view and measurements.
#8P. This 7' X 7' Pergola is over 14' high and capped with an upside down cedar stump. Three cantalevered benches surround. Click on image for larger view.
#9P. A hexagonal pergola. Click on image for a larger view and measurements.
#10P. An 18' X 10' flat roof pergola, surrounded by rustic fencing. Click on image for larger view.
#11P. An octagonal dome roof pergola. Click for larger size and measurements.
The 1874 photo of the Letchworth pergola.
#12P. Our recreation of an historic pergola in Letchworth State Park in upstate New York.
The front view of this peeled black locust structure with built in seating.
Another original photo of the pergola we replicated.
Detailed interior view.

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