A Gazebo is typically a roofed structure that offers a view of the surrounding area.  Unlike a pergola, the gazebo has a solid roof, and is usually somewhat smaller.  Whether it’s tucked away in an intimate setting just off a woodland trail, nestled away in the corner of your garden, or even set as the center-piece in your landscape, a rustic gazebo built by Rustic Garden Structures will offer a unique place to read a book, observe nature, or just relax quietly.  

RGS’s Gazebos are constructed using Eastern Red Cedar or Black Locust which provide many years of virtually maintenance free enjoyment.  Our Gazebos are available in many styles and shapes, and with different roof options such as cedar shakes, metal, or even slate, there’s sure to be a Rustic Garden Structures Gazebo that will fit perfectly into your landscape setting.  We can even work directly with you or your landscape designer to create the ideal structure to compliment your space.