There’s not much to be said about a bench or chair, except that it’s a place to park your derriere.  Unless you’re talking about a rustic bench or chair from Rustic Garden Structures.  Each bench or chair is unique, and built with comfort in mind.  These pieces are often made individually, in a sense that no single one is exactly alike, since they are often a good opportunity to use those really interesting pieces of cedar or locust that we come across.  But, don’t be confused by that “one of a kind” thing.  RGS does offer sets of rustic chairs, rustic benches and even rustic tables.  In the case of sets, each set is crafted in a very similar manner, creating a decorative scheme that is common throughout the set.  Rustic furniture from RGS is a great accompaniment to your pergola, gazebo, or arbor, or all by itself.

 RGS’s Furniture is hand-crafted using Eastern Red Cedar or Black Locust which provide many years of virtually maintenance free enjoyment.  We also offer the option of treating our furniture to help preserve it’s rich natural colors, using only organically derived sealants.  Our outdoor rustic furniture is available in many styles…. there’s sure to be a rustic bench, rustic chair, or rustic table that will fit perfectly into your setting.  We can even work directly with you to create a piece tailored to your unique taste.